Cilantro and Chlorella: Are They Effective for Heavy Metal Detoxification When Used Together?

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Social media platforms are abuzz with claims about the detoxifying prowess of Cilantro and Chlorella, two natural substances often hailed for their potential to cleanse the body of heavy metals and other toxins. A bold assertion that's been circulating is that using Cilantro and Chlorella together can remove up to 80% of heavy metals from the body. 

This article aims to review these claims by studying relevant scientific articles and studies. To be frank it is quite difficult to find studies that have investigated the use of both Cilantro and Chlorella in heavy metal detoxification, especially with statistics. We only found one containing real statistical data that showed some very significant results, however more data is required to verify findings. We hope what has been presented could be useful to our readers.

Disclaimer:  Please note that this article mentions a related organic supplement at the bottom of the article.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • Validity of the 80% Removal Claim:¬†We delve into available research to ascertain the accuracy of the claim that Cilantro and Chlorella can eliminate up to 80% of heavy metals from the body.

  • Synergistic Effects:¬†A focus on understanding how Cilantro and Chlorella might work together to enhance heavy metal detoxification, looking at the mechanisms involved and the efficiency of this combination.

We aim to provide our readers with a comprehensive, informative, and unbiased analysis, enabling them to understand the true potential of Cilantro and Chlorella in detoxification processes. Whether these ingredients hold the key to a significantly purer bodily state or if their effectiveness has been overstated in online forums will be a primary focus of our article, which is regularly updated.

Synergistic Effects of Cilantro and Chlorella:

When it comes to detoxifying the body from heavy metals, the combination of cilantro and chlorella is often mentioned in the world of natural detoxification remedies. Both are known for their individual detoxifying properties, but when used together, they are believed to offer synergistic effects that may enhance the body's ability to rid itself of heavy metals. 

The synergy between cilantro and chlorella is thought to arise from their complementary actions. Cilantro's chelating properties may mobilise heavy metals from tissues, making them available for excretion, while chlorella's binding capacity may help to sequester these metals and prevent their reabsorption, promoting their elimination from the body.

We will have a look at 3 studies, articles and scientific reviews to see what the academics have to say about this topic. But before that lets have a quick look at Cilantro and Chlorella.


Cilantro is a fragrant herb commonly used in cooking and renowned for its distinctive flavor and aroma.

Nutrients in Cilantro:

  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals:¬†Cilantro is a good source of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, as well as essential minerals like calcium and potassium.

  • Antioxidant Properties:It contains antioxidants like beta-carotene and quercetin, which may help combat oxidative stress in the body.

Benefits of Cilantro:

  • Digestive Aid:¬†Cilantro may aid¬†digestion¬†and alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort due to its natural properties that can soothe the stomach.
  • Detoxification:It has been suggested to have mild detoxifying effects, potentially supporting the body in eliminating heavy metals and toxins.
The image displays a stack of vibrant green pancakes, with the green color likely derived from the inclusion of Moringa oleifera powder. The Moringa not only imparts a lively hue but also infuses the pancakes with its nutritional properties, offering a visually appealing and health-conscious twist to a breakfast classic.


Chlorella is a green, single-celled microalga that is packed with nutrients and offers numerous health benefits.

Nutrients in Chlorella:

  • Abundant in Vitamins and Minerals: It is a good source of vitamins like B vitamins, vitamin C, and minerals like iron and magnesium.

  • Rich Source of Protein:¬†Chlorella is a complete protein source, containing all essential amino acids, making it valuable for vegetarians and vegans.

Benefits of Chlorella:

  • Detoxification:¬†Chlorella is known for its ability to bind to heavy metals and toxins in the body, aiding in detoxification.

  • Immune Support: It may boost the immune system due to its rich nutrient profile, potentially enhancing the body's defense mechanisms.

The image features Moringa oleifera in two forms: as a vibrant green powder, likely ground from dried leaves, showcased on a wooden spoon and as a collection of capsules filled with the same green substance. This presentation highlights the versatility of Moringa as both a dietary supplement and a potential ingredient in various health-oriented recipes.

Cilantro and Chlorella: Scientific Study

Study Overview

This comprehensive study was conducted over three years by a team of researchers led by Dr. George J. Georgiou at the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca, Cyprus (published in the "International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine), aimed to identify effective natural chelators for heavy metal detoxification. The research, meticulously designed as a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, focused on testing various natural substances, with a particular emphasis on the combined use of cilantro and chlorella.


The study's findings highlighted the remarkable effectiveness of the cilantro and chlorella combination in heavy metal detoxification:

  • Cilantro and Chlorella:¬†The heavy metal detox blend was the only compound that effectively mobilised and eliminated all metals tested.

  • Statistical Significance:¬†The post-provocation samples showed a statistically significant increase in the elimination of heavy metals compared to the baseline.¬†

Key statistics from the study:

  • Arsenic in Urine:¬†People taking the detox compound had a massive surge in arsenic levels in their urine, indicating that the arsenic was being flushed out of their bodies. The detox made arsenic levels in urine shoot up by an average of 74 times the starting amount, which is a strong indication that it was being effectively removed.

  • Lead in Urine:¬†Lead levels in urine increased by more than¬†four and a half times¬†after using the detox compound, compared to a decrease in the placebo group. This suggests that lead was being actively eliminated from the body.

  • Cadmium in Urine:¬†There was a notable increase in cadmium elimination, with levels in urine going up by¬†two-thirds¬†compared to a significant decrease in the placebo group.

  • Mercury in Urine:¬†The detox led to a more than¬†fourfold¬†increase in mercury levels in urine, while there was almost no change in the placebo group.

For the other metals tested (like Nickel, Bismuth, and Uranium), the results varied:

  • Nickel in Urine:¬†The increase in nickel was not statistically significant compared to the placebo.

  • Bismuth in Urine:¬†Bismuth showed a significant increase, with levels in urine after detox being more than five times higher than the placebo group.

  • Uranium in Urine:¬†Uranium also showed a significant¬†sevenfold¬†increase.

Call for Further Research:

Despite the promising results, the study acknowledges the necessity for further research:

  • Understanding the Full Potential:¬†The remarkable findings pave the way for additional studies to fully comprehend the mechanisms, efficacy, and safety of cilantro and chlorella in heavy metal detoxification.

  • Clinical Trials:¬†Further clinical trials are essential to validate these findings and to establish standardised guidelines for the use of these natural chelators in medical practice.

Cilantro and Chlorella: Scientific Article

The article titled "Chelation: Harnessing and Enhancing Heavy Metal Detoxification‚ÄĒA Review" from PubMed Central provides an extensive review of the role of chelation in heavy metal detoxification. The review discusses the ubiquity of toxic metals like arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury, their detrimental effects on human health, and the potential of chelation therapy in mitigating these effects.

Key Points from the Article:

  • Toxic Metals and Health Risks:¬†The article emphasises that toxic metals have no beneficial role in human homeostasis and contribute significantly to noncommunicable chronic diseases. The review highlights the need for interventions that aid in the detoxification of these toxic elements.
  • Chelation in the Body:¬†Chelation, involving multiple coordination bonds between organic molecules and metals, is a natural process in the body. The review details how peptides like glutathione and metallothionein chelate both essential and toxic elements as they are sequestered, transported, and excreted.
  • Enhancing Natural Chelation Pathways:¬†The article reviews strategies to enhance natural chelation detoxification pathways and the use of pharmaceutical chelators against heavy metals. It discusses the historical outcomes, lessons learned, and successes of using chelation to improve conditions related to renal, cardiovascular, and neurological health.
  • Cilantro and Chlorella in Chelation:¬†The review mentions cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) as a popular culinary and medicinal herb known for its potential in heavy metal detoxification. It also discusses chlorella as a natural polymer gaining attention for its potential to adsorb heavy metals. The review, however, points out that while cilantro has been reported to enhance mercury excretion, the evidence is limited, and more research is needed to establish its efficacy conclusively. The article does not provide any further information.
  • Call for Further Research:¬†The article calls for renewed attention to simple, safe, and inexpensive interventions like chelation that offer potential to stem the tide of debilitating chronic diseases. It suggests that while novel drug targets for chronic disease are eagerly sought, agents that aid in the detoxification of toxic elements should not be overlooked.

Cilantro and Chlorella: Scientific Review

In the Journal of Herbmed Pharmacology, the article titled "Heavy metals detoxification: A review of herbal compounds for chelation therapy in heavy metals toxicity" by authors Reza Mehrandish, Aliasghar Rahimian, and Alireza Shahriary, provides a comprehensive examination of the impact of heavy metals on human health and the environment. It emphasises the potential of medicinal herbs in mitigating the adverse effects of heavy metal toxicity.

Key Insights on Chlorella and Cilantro:

Chlorella, identified as a green algae, stands out for its high chlorophyll content and natural chelating properties. It's particularly effective against heavy metals such as lead and mercury. The study highlights chlorella's ability to:

  • Bind with heavy metals.

  • Facilitate the removal of mercury from the body, including the digestive tract, muscle ligaments, connective tissue, and bones.

The effectiveness of chlorella is significantly enhanced when used in conjunction with cilantro. Together, they form a potent duo that detoxifies a range of neurotoxins, including:

  • Heavy metals like mercury.

  • Toxic chemicals such as phthalates, plasticisers, and insecticides.


It's clear from the scientific studies mentioned above that cilantro and chlorella offer significant assistance in heavy metal detoxification, with cilantro acting as a powerful agent in removing heavy metals from the body and chlorella complementing this process through detoxification. 

These findings underscore the potential of cilantro and chlorella as a natural detox strategy, particularly in chelation therapy for heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, and lead. 

However, it is also evident that further research is required to fully understand the scope and mechanisms of their benefits. This call for more scientific inquiry highlights the ongoing exploration into natural detox methods and the need for more comprehensive studies to solidify these preliminary findings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Should Cilantro and Chlorella be Consumed for Detoxification Purposes?

Generally, cilantro can be consumed fresh in meals, and chlorella in supplement form, such as tablets or powder. Opting for organic sources is advisable as they are devoid of pesticides, preserving the plant's phytochemicals. These natural compounds, found in plants, offer numerous health benefits, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, immune support, and protection against chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. They also contribute to heart and brain health

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